About the Hall of Fame

The SPACE CAMP Hall of Fame was established to honor the outstanding members of the SPACE CAMP family, including graduates and former employees who have distinguished themselves in their respective careers or friends who have made considerable contributions or personal time, effort or resources to further the goals of the SPACE CAMP programs.
Hall of Fame members should display certain characteristics and qualities as a result of their involvement with SPACE CAMP through one of its multiple programs or as a whole. These qualities may differ from member to member, as well as across the Hall of Fame categories. Hall of Fame members should be a positive example of the effect and inspiration Dr. Wernher von Braun intended SPACE CAMP to be. These qualities will be described further within each Hall of Fame category.


With respect to the Hall of Fame, member selection, evaluation, induction, and any other interests related to the Hall of Fame, SPACE CAMP or SPACE CAMP programs includes all residential programs, of any age group (e.g. grade school through adult/teacher camps), hosted by SPACE CAMP and/or AVIATION CHALLENGE at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, SPACE CAMP Florida, SPACE CAMP California, AVIATION CHALLENGE California, and all officially recognized SPACE CAMP programs located internationally.

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